Foxblade Trading is the trading name of Tod Booth a qualified shoemaker and engineer with over 25 years experience of manufacturing and designing historic footwear and leatherwork.

Tod has appeared in many TV series both as the programme expert and as a costumed actor. As well as leatherwork and footwear he specialises in the 17th and 18th century, Scottish Highland culture, black powder weapons and sword work. Based in the heart of the British shoemaking county Foxblade Trading researches, designs and manufactures many types of leather goods. From museum replicas to film props, re enactment items to LARP accessories, historic leather water bottles to modern briefcases, and most things in between. All items are hand made. No machines are used and where ever possible the leather is sourced in the UK, this includes having some leather specially tanned for a specific project. Although there is a standard range of products with pricing most items are bespoke and therefore are priced accordingly. If you have project in mind please contact us by email mail