Quality hand made leatherwork and accessories.

Foxblade Trading manufactures and supplies traditionally made historic and contemporary leatherwork and accessories. We supply to re-enactors, TV and film companies, museums, theatres, LARP, and customers who just want a quality bespoke item.

A full list of what we have made over the last 40 years would be endless but below is a list of some of the historic items. We have supplied to The National Trust, English Heritage, The National Trust for Scotland, and many museums in the UK and across the world. Most people have seen our products on TV or film they just didn't know we made them. 

Most items are bespoke so we will need to discuss what you want. Delivery times are reliant on us being able to get the raw materails and how busy our order book is. We pride ourselves on communicating with our customers and delivering on time.

Here is the latest price list for 2021. Please note this is only a small sample of what I can make with guideline prices as most of what I do is bespoke, if you have any questions please EMAIL me foxbladeshoes@outlook.com

Water bottles All drinking vessels are pine pitch proofed. Black brewers pitch (limited supply) or beeswax proofed can also be supplied on request.

Small onion shape approx. ½ pint £40

Medium onion shape approx. ¾ pint £55 Medium onion shape approx. 1 ¼ pint £75

Tear drop shape water bottle approx 1 1/2 pint £85

Flat bottom onion shape approx. 2 pints £100 Tall flat bottom shape approx. 1 ½ pints £85

Costrel approx 2 ¼ pints £120

Other shapes and sizes can be supplied on request.

Tankards and leather cups See above for details.

Leather cup approx. ½ pint £45

Leather cup approx. 1 pint £55

Leather tankard approx. 1 pint £95

Sword belts/baldrics These are supplied with brass buckles.

No buckle simple baldric £35 No buckle Littlecote style £55

1 ¼” ~ 2 ½” wide 4 buckles at scabbard end from £45

1 ¼” ~ 2 ½” wide 6 buckles at scabbard end from £55

18th century sword (waist) belt £40 (for buff leather see 18th century soldiers leatherwork).

Other types of sword belts made on request.

Scabbards All scabbards are made to fit your sword, dagger, or knife. I need details of the blade, and the type of sword belt you have.

Knife scabbard £20

Dagger/dirk scabbard up to 18” long from £25

Sword scabbard up to 36” long from £30

Highland targes These are made of wood, covered on the back with rough hide. They are fitted with an arm strap, arm pad, hand hold and carrying strap.

Standard targe £85

Targe with special nail design £110

Targe with basic embossed front and nail design £150

Targe with special embossed front and nail design £175

Leather buckler Price on request

Cartridge bags Contemporary designs, please ask if the one you want is not listed, designs can be added to the front flap.

French D shape (used for 1745 Jacobite impressions) 18th century £70

17th century (Killiecrankie era) £75

18th century belly boxes from £45

18th century British army leatherwork (1740’s) Straps and belts are made of thick buff leather. Brass buckles.

Officers sword belt frog for sword only £45

Sword belt frog for bayonet and sword £50 Shoulder style sword and bayonet belt £70

Cartridge bag, black bag, with inner bag. 3 buckles £125

Goat skin snap sack Price on request Gun sling £15

Belly box £45

Belly box belt £25

Map Cases Push over top closure. From £50

18th century Irish Piquet’s leather work Straps and belts are made of veg. tan leather. Brass buckles.

Cartridge bag £85

Leather powder bottle £90

Leather priming bottle £50

Sword belt veg tan leather £45

18th century Royal Eccossias’ leatherwork Straps, belts and bags are made of thick buff leather.

Cartridge bag £85

Sword belt veg tan leather £45

Sporrans There are many designs, please ask for details. A design can be added to the front flap.

Draw String Type £45 Gusset type £50

Gusset 3 pouch type £65

Draw string 3 pouch type £75


There are hundreds of different designs and sizes. If you know what would like and it’s not here please ask.

Small various designs from £30

Large various designs from £45

Double pouch from £55

Medieval single kidney type from £40 Medieval three pouch kidney type £75

Mary Rose draw string with front flap and button £45

Other items

Charge holder for artillery £55

17th century leather snap sack £45

Belts from £12

Needle case £30

Bandolier strap with pouch £35

Leather covered chests from £200

Eating/kitchen knives From £12

Brass buckles Various sizes all cast from original examples.

Please ask for details. If what you want isn’t listed here please ask as most of what I make is bespoke one off items.


For our range of historic footwear please go to our website www.re-enactment-shoes.co.uk

Highland brogues £50

Postage and packing is not included in these prices.

Lectures, talks and displays.

I give presentations and displays of historic leatherwork, shoe making, as well as historical interpretations of: 17th century (civil war) musketeer Scottish Highlander. 18th century Jacobite officer and soldier (1745) Highwayman, and 18th century militia man.

I have worked for the BBC and independent TV and film companies as a historical advisor as well as appearing in many programmes. I have given lectures at English Heritages Festival of History and for the National Trust. If you are looking a for a lively demonstration or advise related to the historic periods above please do not hesitate to contact me.


FOR ALL ENQUIRIES AND ORDERS EMAIL foxbladeshoes@outlook.com